Benefits of the Virtual Public Cloud

So why is public cloud computing such a big deal?

Public Cloud Computing

Public cloud computing has a variety of different benefits for small to mid-size business.

  • Contracts – There are no contracts when it comes to purchasing a slice of the server. You are paying by the hour and can control when your server shuts down. So you are not paying for any time the server is not being used.
  • Utility Model – When you use a public cloud you are using it on a pay-as-you-go basis. You are paying by the hour for all of the resources that you use. This will save you money in the long run as you will not be using the server for hours on end.
  • Hardware – Since a public cloud is in a shared environment, your server is the same as is the hardware, compliance requirements are nearly impossible to meet.
  • Hardware Performance – In a public cloud you are unable to choose your own specific hardware since it is a shared environment. You have a virtual server that is placed on whatever network and hardware that the provider gives to you.
  • Self-Managed – The biggest advantage of public cloud computing is being able to have control over how long your data is on the server.

Many companies who use public clouds are small businesses who are looking for a good way to secure their data without having to pay a lot of money out of pocket. They are then able to control how long their data remains on the servers and how much of a slice they will need to keep it safe.

Virtual public clouds are a good choice for businesses who want to have safe data and pay by the hour. As your business grows, it would be wise to consider upgrading to a virtual private server so you have complete control over the data on the server and all of it belongs to you.

If you think the virtual public cloud is right for your business, Efficloud has the solution. Contact us to learn more about cloud services.

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