What Your Managed Cloud Service Provider Will Offer

Online backup options will usually have managed hosting. The cloud service provider will probably include multiple features in their deal, but it is up to you to understand what those are and why they may be necessary. Usually, they will offer disaster recovery options, security solutions, endpoint data protection and much more.

Disaster Recovery

You don’t know when a natural disaster will strike or one that is man-made. Fires, tornadoes, earthquakes and more can damage your computers and servers. If you don’t want to have a lot of downtime, you’ll need to ensure that your data is safe and backed up on a different server in a different location. While you can do this yourself, online options are available so that you can access them whenever and wherever.


If your business shuts down, even for a day, you could lose a lot of customers and may have to close down permanently. Whether you have someone out sick or had a network outage, you must ensure that your employees can continue working. Most providers will offer continuity solutions so that you can stay up and running and have access to what you need, even in a crisis.


You have a lot of data on your computers, and sometimes you just don’t have enough space for it all. Instead of trying to store everything on one big server or network, consider moving less frequently used data out of the database altogether. You’ll improve response times because the computer doesn’t have to work so hard, which means you’ll improve performance.

Security Risks

Almost any problem can be a security risk, so if you lose sensitive data, that’s a risk. Losing any data can be troublesome, but credit/debit card information, social security numbers and the like can be much worse because identity theft is so prevalent in the modern world. You can also improve response time for incidents, which can make them a little less bad.

You’ll also be able to identify security threats, standardize security operations and have detailed reports about the security log. Everything will run a little smoothly with a managed cloud service provider.

Data Protection

Of course, data should be secured, as talked about earlier, but end-user data protection is also necessary. If people go to your website from their personal computer, your servers and databases are at risk. If they are infected with something, you could get infected from them. If you have a threat already on the computer, they could become infected. Keep data safe.

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