How to Choose the Right Cloud Service Provider

There are so many providers that offer cloud storage services which makes it challenging to find which one best fits the needs of your company. Hopefully these tips will make it easier for you to start floating on that cloud.

What to Look for

There are some cloud service providers that are better than others, that is a given. No matter how big or small your business is, time is money. So you want to make sure you are not wasting your time or theirs. Here are some things to look for:

  • Financial stability – Just because a cloud service provider is in business does not mean they are in business. In other words, money is everything. If they are not in a positive financial position and do not have a business model or even a customer base, they are probably a start-up ready to be shut down.
  • Infrastructure – New hardware and technology is everywhere you turn and can help you to effectively streamline your business and help it to run smoothly. You want to find a cloud service provider who offers both public cloud solutions as well as private. They should be private cloud providers but also offer services for small businesses as well.
  • Customer base – Word-of-mouth is everything. If you find a cloud service provider that seems to have what it takes but does not have a relevant customer base, this could mean that something is wrong with the infrastructure of the company. You want to know that other businesses are relying on their services and are also happy with them. If they can’t provide you with that information, then it is time to send ‘em packing.
  • Security – When it comes to cloud-based services, security is everything. It is important to make sure that whatever provider you choose, they have a secure network server in place so that your data is never in any danger of being stolen. A cloud service provider without top-notch security is dead in the water.

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