The Ins and Outs of Enterprise Private Cloud

Challenges in information technology occur by the second and it can be difficult for corporations to keep up. That is where enterprise cloud backup comes in with the Enterprise Private Cloud.

What is it?

The Enterprise Private Cloud belongs to one single corporation…it is you. The network, hardware, and software is for one single client only. You do not have to share with any other clients and your data and network are completely secure. You as a corporation are then able to customize your server to meet your current information technology needs. Whatever it is you need it can be fulfilled through enterprise cloud backup.

What about security?

There is no need to ever be worried about how secure your server is. If you choose the right team of experts to handle the infrastructure of your business applications, you will find that intrusion is prevented and a firewall is set into place so you never have to worry about any intruders getting through the network. What you are paying for is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year, of server security.

What about Public Cloud Services?

Depending on the size of your corporation, public cloud services can be a good option for you. However, if you are large business with a lot of employees and data, you want to make sure that it 100% secure at all times. This means upgrading to the private level where you are not sharing a server with anyone else. Public cloud services are a better fit for small businesses looking for ways to cut costs while also protecting their network.

Technology is changing on a day to day basis and as a corporation, it is your job to keep up with it. Running a business is not easy, but it could be a lot easier when you choose Enterprise cloud backup. Know what your needs are before you decide on a cloud service and always know what you’re getting into.

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