The Benefits of a Virtual Private Cloud

What is it?

A virtual private cloud is a method of cloud computing that involves a private cloud solution that is provided with the infrastructure of a public cloud

provider. A VPC is also a cost-effective way to expand your business’ presence into a public cloud instead of recreating the infrastructure you have already built onsite. It is a great option for companies who have large workloads and are looking to test new services.

Private cloud hosting is an environment where the storage, network, and hardware are all dedicated to one company.

What are the benefits?

Virtual private clouds offer a number of benefits for your business.

  • Security – Since private clouds are built around one single business, the data storage, network, and hardware can be specifically designed around the security needs of your business. It cannot be accessed by any other client or company in the same building or data center.
  • Compliance – Compliance is much easier to accomplish because each network and storage configuration is based around one single client. This makes it much easier to monitor their security and compliance needs.
  • Customization – Network performance, storage performance, and hardware performance can be specifically customized into the client’s private cloud.
  • Hybrid Deployments – If a server is asked to run at a very high speed then it can be then integrated with a private cloud and can then become a solution for dedicated servers and a virtual servers which cannot be accomplished through a public cloud.

Private clouds are not available on a pay-as-you-go basis because it is a dedicated hardware that requires a lot of observation. Private storage clouds are commonly used by mid to large-size businesses where compliance and security is a factor. It makes it much easier for them to maintain their credibility as a business and keep all of their data secure. It can accomplish many great things for your business especially if it is a growing one.

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