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effiCompute is a way of delivering Cloud Computing Infrastructures such as servers, storage, Network and operating systems as an on demand service. You can deliver any workload using effiCompute services for instant effiCompute services can be used to run your business critical applications like ERP, CRM, HRMS or collaboration applications on cloud.

effiCompute enables you to focus your efforts on the productivity of your business rather than time spend on managing servers, storage, network etc.

efficompute greatly reduces overall TCO for delivering your applications compared to other delivery models like in-premises, data center co-location etc.

Efficompute Features

effiCompute Features

Faster Time To Market
Faster time to market

Improved efficiency and faster time to market with efficloud services


Now you can dynamically scale capacity based on demand.

Capital Expenditure
Completely Opex based services

No upfront capital expenditure with our Pay as you go model.

Enhanced security for internet based applications

Best in class security for your business critical applications with our enhanced protection features.

Enhanced Protection
Managed Services
Managed services

Integrated managed services with enterprise class support to help you increase efficiency, be cost-effective and reliable.

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