effiBase is a Platform as a Sevice ( PAAS ) that allows quick and easy creation platform services essestional for running our business critical functions with out need to build and manage whole infrastructure on your own.

effiBase is designed to enable you with the capability to deploy your business functions on the highly reliable and secure platform services delivered by efficloud

EffiBase Features

effiBase Features

High Flexibility Security
Readymade platform services with high flexibility and security

Readymade platform services with high flexibility and security.

Dynamic scalability

Scale your IT resources automatically to meet the fluctuating business demand.

Dynamic Scalability
Multi Tenanted Platform
Multi-tenanted platform

A unique and hybrid multi tenanted platform that serves customers in a secure and cost-effective manner.

24 X 7 support

24/7 365 Days support through phone, Email, Chat

24 X 7 Support

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