Disaster Recovery


Disaster Recovery

Regardless of company size or industry, your business can't afford downtime, but it's hard to justify improving your DR capabilities when you're under pressure to cut IT costs and when DR is seen as an expensive insurance policy.

However, DR is often complex and requires considerable amount of time and effort to setup, test, and deploy, besides requiring significant infrastructure investment.

Cloud based DR integrates with service provider's multitenant platform, which consists of virtual servers and shared storage. In the case of a disaster, database software can recover data from the cloud onto other data center locations and help restart the critical application. With cloud, you can recover your database in hours with just a few minutes to a few hours of data loss but without the cost of dedicated IT infrastructure.

Disaster Recovery Solutions

With cloud, you can automate and simplify the DR process, support more applications, and improve SLAs. This was confirmed by the fact that 94% of surveyed database and operations professionals using public cloud as DR platform agreed that cloud improve SLA attainment.

efficloud DR is a cost efficient and secure way to minimize data loss and downtime. efficloud can be your reliable and independent partner with several geographically presence when its comes to protecting mission-critical data against all eventualities.

When downtime is not an option, how quickly can operations be restored and how data loss can be minimized is the top priority. Efficloud DR solution provides you with multiple options for your to choose right balance between DR investment and RPO / RTO requirements.

Disaster Recovery Features

  • Simple and easy to deploy
  • Pay per use business model
  • Best in class TCO for DR solutions
  • Continuous Data Protection technology with multi-site replication
  • DR protection from multiple geographic Datacenters, 100% scalable to meet your production workloads
  • 24 X 7 support

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