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Enterprise Private Cloud


Enterprise Private Cloud

Take the benefits of private cloud

efficCloud Enterprise Private Cloud is our answer to the need for cloud technology in the enterprise space. It is a three tiered solution comprising Infrastructure, Platform & Software.

Enterprise now-a-days are in need for a solution which is scalable, flexible, and transparent to enable IT to provision new services quickly and cost effectively by using service-level agreements (SLAs) to address IT requirements and policies, meet the demands of high utilization, and dynamically respond to change, in addition to providing security and high performance. Enterprise Private Cloud is one answer to all the challenges of IT.

effiCloud Enterprise Private Cloud is best defined as an infrastructure utility that is open, flexible, predesigned and standardized, virtualized, and highly automated, as well as secure and reliable. Enterprise that want to take full advantages of IT Infrastructure, this is their best move.

Enterprise Private Cloud Features

All Yours

The whole infrastructure in Enterprise Private Cloud, Hardware, Software, Network etc are all dedicated to a single client.

Total Customization

Completely unique technology designed to address your needs. Choose specifically what do you want, we fulfill your requirements.

Security not a concern

effiCloud ensures best in class security infrastructure to secure customer's business applications. This infrastructure includes intrusion prevention system, application level firewall, Anti virus, anti spam etc .


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