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Recruit the right person for the job at just the right time

effiRecruit is a recruitment solution for managing recruitment activity helping in saving hiring time and cost by over 70% for you organization. In today's Innovative and fast growing business world, it's a nightmare to find the right candidate for the job at the right time.
effiRecurit's Artifical Intelligence based Resume Parsing technology helps in avoiding resume duplication and management, helping your recruitment team to easily find the the right candidates in minimum time.

effiRecruit Features

Resume Parsing Technology

With effiRecruit's Automated data extraction for resumes, build your candidate database without Manual Data Entry

Detect Duplicate Resume

Two level of duplication resume detection and management makes it easier for recruiter's to find the resume easily.

Resume Searching Made Easy

With the Latest Resume Search technology, you can easily search and find the resume you need.

Save Time and Cost

Solves the toughest problems in recruitment and saves hiring time and costs by over 70%

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