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Cloud Desktop/Laptop Backup


Cloud Desktop-Laptop Backup

Are you backing up your business information?

Regardless of whether a business is a large enterprise, a small firm, or somewhere in between, protecting Company's data and employees' personal computers is critical. effiProtect Desktop help's you protect and recover data and get laptops and desktops running again within short span of entire data lost. In this Competitive Technology World to ensure Business Continuity is a critical aspect. Having a Backup and Recovery Plan is something everyone needs. effiProtect Desktop ensures workers never lose more than a few minutes worth of data.

Effiprotect Cloud Desktop/Laptop Backup

effiProtect Cloud Desktop/Laptop Backup

Automated Backup
Automated Backup

effiProtect Backup allows you to automatically run backups based on time of day/week, or when triggered by specific events.


effiProtect Backup allows every individual to browse and restore files, folders, volumes, or a complete server—all from the same image backup and Restore whenever needed.

Ease Of Use
Centralized Management
Centralized Management

effiProtect products are supported by a centralized management and reporting console. Manage and report on all backup operations for all physical and virtual machines from a single dashboard. Allows centralized policy setting to implement your corporate level data protection.

Faster Backup and Recovery

effiProtect does sore side data de-duplication which enables de-duplication comprehended upto 80%, backing up only the changed blocks which allows users to reduce the time to backup. Prevent Data Deduplication on regular backup intervals with effiProtect backup

Faster Backup & Recovery
Data Backup
Intelligent End-User Opportunity Basis Data Backup

effiProtect Desktop backup uses opportunity basis backup policy which back-ups data as and when it gets End-User Machine free, which help's users for no real time data backup. effiProtect Backup provides 100% availability and reliability. Continuous backup on background without disrupting the current work.

Service Plan

Service Plan Price GB per month
Up to 1 TB front end data backup ( minimum backup 700 GB ) 20
Between 1TB to 3 TB front end data backup per month 14
Between 3TB to 5 TB front end data backup per month 13
Between 5TB to 7 TB front end data backup per month 12
Between 7TB to 10 TB front end data backup per month 11
One time setup charges extra  


Service Level Agreement

effiCloud Service Level Agreement ("SLA") is a policy governing the use of effiCloud Services. This SLA is subject to the terms of the effiCloud Agreement and capitalized terms will have the meaning specified in the effiCloud Agreement. We reserve the right to change the terms of this SLA in accordance with the effiCloud Agreement.

effiCloud commits that efficompute and effiProtect will be available 99.99% or more of the time in a given calendar month. In the event efficloud does not meet the Service commitments, customers are eligible for service credits as given below:

Service Level Warranty

Availability: EffiCloud service offering ensures 99.99% availability of server instances calculated on quarterly basis.

Availability calculation will be done as below:
% Availability = 100 * ((Total minutes in a Quarter – Unscheduled downtime)/ Total Minutes in a quarter)).

Efficiency: EffiCloud will ensure availability of server instances within 45 minutes of the confirming the order on the EffiCloud portal. Incase of manual order processing server instances will be provisioned within 2 days of receipt of confirm order.

Help desk: EffiCloud will provide 24 X 7 help desk support (Phone, Email & web based) to customers. EffiCloud help desk will support customers to address problems related to datacenter infrastructure & OS.

Service Credits: Incase EffiCloud is not able to ensure committed availability or efficiency, customers can claim service credits from EffiCloud. These service credits can be used against services provided by EffiCloud. The service credits will be calculated to the equivalent time for which service is not available beyond committed SLA.


The Service Level Agreement does not apply to the following performance issues:

  • If the unavailability is caused by factors outside of effiCloud's reasonable control
  • Issue occurred from any action or inactions of the customer or any third parties.
  • Issue occurred from the customer's software or any third party software, not within the control of effiCloud.
  • For Planned / Scheduled maintenance for which effiCloud have already provided the details.
  • Any restrictions imposed upon effiCloud by the customer, which may prevent or delay the performance of efficloud services.
  • Any performance outage arising out of Virus / Denial Of Service attacks and / or the usage / utilization in excess of 80% of the contracted bandwidth (rate-limit customers) / capacity of physical link.

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