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End Use security Solution

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Efficloud End Use Security Solution is an Out Of Band appliance solution providing automated endpoint compliance, user authentication, quarantining, guest user provisioning and management and comprehensive reporting features. There are many reasons for companies to encrypt data, including legislative requirements to protect sensitive consumer information, and protecting companies' reputations. So, if your business is storing either customer or employee personal information such as social security numbers, financial records, or health records, you need to have a strategy for encryption. But encryption solutions can be complex, and can also have some negative implications to data protection strategies, including performance impact.

End Use Security Solution

Efficloud End Use Security Solution makes sure that all endpoints in the organization are compliant with respect to the organizational policies. It participates in the user authentication and allows access to the network only after successful authentication using vlan switching techniques. Users can use various devices like desktops, laptops, handheld devices like smartphones, etc to access the network.

effiCompute Features

effiCompute infrastructure as a service

  • Reduce cost and complexity of risk management
  • ITighter control and visibility of regulatory compliance
  • Provision appropriate network access for non employee
  • Mitigate the risk of end point vulnerabilities

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