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Enterprises Data Protection


Enterprise Data Protection

Data is Everywhere. Protect it Wherever it Goes

Enterprise data protection provides centralised management of all information assets across the distributed enterprise, including emails, documents, databases, application configuration, system configuration, operating system images, file system images, and virtual machine images. Protect your enterprise data across multiple physical, virtual and application environments to ensure optimal availability.

Solutions Enterprise Data Protection

  • Protect your data wherever it goes — on devices, external media and in public cloud storage.
  • Implement encryption options ranging from simplified to full disk encryption.
  • Help your organization meet regulatory requirements and avoid costly fines with one-touch preset compliance templates.
  • Easily implement encryption with optional and customized factory installation.
  • Remotely manage encryption and authentication policies with a single console designed to work seamlessly.
  • Enable end users to securely access and share data on any device and in the cloud with non-disruptive, data-centric encryption.

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